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I’m deeply in love with my husband of 7 years. Deeply in love, not madly in love or crazy in love. It’s a very calming love, there’s nothing crazy about it. Our lives intertwined 7 years ago without us even noticing and we’ve been a partnership ever since. We don’t have a normal marriage though, we have odd hours, only eat a meal together about 20% of the time and rarely sleep at the same time. He works nights and I work evenings. I wake up when he’s coming to bed. We often go days without ever seeing the other person, however, we’ve made it work for us. What’s truly important is we always cherish the moments we do have together and never take our time for granted. I am forever grateful God blessed me with such an amazing guy to journey through life with.

Kate Monroe Kate Monroe Kate Monroe Kate Monroe

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  • I love candles, tea, and peonies.

    I'm currently back in school for a degree in Religion with a focus on Christian Counseling.

    I love words: quotes, lyrics, all of it.

    I'm extremely shy.

    Since the loss of my 13 year old chocolate Labrador, Dagney, our German Shepherd, Barrett, keeps our house lively and full of energy (even though our cat, Abigail, is definitely the boss of him).

    I give all of my pets middle names: Dagney Lee, Kimber Donovan, Barrett James, Abigail Rose.

    I love avocados. And cupcakes. But not together.

    Once upon a time I was a cop and multiple times a month I consider going back into it.

    I lived in Texas the first 20 years of my life. Gig 'Em Aggies!

    My husband and I eloped and didn't tell friends/family until several years later (story coming eventually on the blog!)

    I'm an ISTJ.

    I love symmetry.